Our History

tesa’s success story begins with the unsuccessful development of an adhesive bandage. Paul C. Beiersdorf, a pharmacist, was at work on the bandage when Dr. Oscar Troplowitz took over the lab from the company’s founder, in 1890. The bandage adhered excellently, but was irritating to skin. Troplowitz made a virtue of necessity and, in 1896, launched the first technical adhesive tape. Today tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive product and system solutions for industry, professional craftsmen, and consumers.
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  1. 1908


    The patented tube used for Pebeco toothpaste

    tesa® as a brand name of a tube for toothpaste

    tesa® was the brand name of the patented tube used for Pebeco toothpaste. Unfortunately the tube business fared poorly.
  2. 1936


    1936 saw the launch of tesa® adhesive tape (“Tesa®-Klebefilm”) on the market. Five years later it was renamed tesafilm®.

    Birth of tesa adhesive tape - Hamburg

    The transparent rubber tape developed on 17th of February 1936 was the last to be given the catchy name tesa. 25-year-old Hugo Kirchberg applies to Beiersdorf for a job and decides to make his new employer's then-insignificant rubber adhesive film a resounding success. The first dispenser with the tesa logo and the first tesakrepp masking tape appears on the market.
  3. 1941


    tesa Logo_1941.jpg

    Creation of the tesa® umbrella brand

    The tesafilm® name is created as an abbreviation of "tesa-Klebefilm" (tesa adhesive tape). tesa® evolves into an umbrella brand for all the group's self-adhesive products.
  4. 1954


    tesamoll® Advertisement, 1955

    tesamoll® development

    A bestseller to the present day: tesamoll® for sealing windows and doors is developed and then launched one year later.
  5. 1968


    Didsplay 1968.jpg

    Ahead of the times: displays for specialty retailers

    tesa develops special displays to clearly and professionally present its products to do-it-yourselfers at specialty retail stores.
  6. 1972


    "Kati" and the world of tesa

    A self-confident girl gives her "dad" do-it-yourself tips in German TV commercials.
  7. 1973



    Mr. tesa retires

    After 39 years of service to the company, Hugo Kirchberg, head of the tesa department, retires. The tesa portfolio consists of about 600 different products.
  8. 1974


    Sparten Beiersdorf.jpg

    tesa as a division

    Beiersdorf introduces its four divisions Cosmed, Medical and tesa as a prelude to the further expansion of its adhesive tape business.
  9. 1976


    Offenburg Lager.JPG

    Automated warehouse technology

    In Offenburg, tesa celebrates the initial operation of a high rack warehouse – offering state-of-the-art automated warehouse technology with a separate picking area and nearly 8000 pallet spaces to start out (later 10,300). tesa now offers a total of 2500 product solutions.
  10. 1979


    Hängetrocknun Hausbruch.jpg

    1200 meters of adhesive tape strips

    The tesa plant in the Hausbruch district of Hamburg puts a complex coating unit with suspended drying for 1200 meters of adhesive tape strips into operation. Recovery and recycling of the solvents used in the unit enables highly efficient cleaning of exhaust air.
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